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Auto Radiator Repair Training School DVD

My 7 Hour radiator repair DVD VIDEO training for both plastic and metal repairs covers automotive, industrial, Forklift, Diesel, Farm Radiator Repair Training Procedures.

Starting with simple brass radiator repair then removing the tank, rotting out the core, re-soldering the tank back to the radiator core, testing, painting and how to run the hose connection and how to reset the transmission coolers.

Plastic radiator repair training, I cover the removal of the plastic tank, how to uncrimp the radiator without damaging the core, next I show you how to recrimp the tank without damaging the new tank, I also cover rotting out aluminum cores and how to repair small holes in aluminum cores.


I offer training at your location or DVD video with more than 7 hours of radiator repair training.

DVD can be watched on a home computer or a regular TV DVD player.

7 Hour radiator repair DVD VIDEO covers training for Plastic and Metal Automotive, Industrial, Forklift, Diesel, Farm, Charge Air Cooler Repair, Ac Condensers.

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How to Rebuild Brass Automotive Radiator
Radiator Equipment Tools

Radiator Equipment Tools

Radiator shop equipment consists of, a Hydraulic Lift to lift and position the radiator while working on it and test. A Boil Out Tank or a really good HOT pressure washer can be used instead, personally I do not like boil out tanks. Flux is need on a daily basis along...

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